Emergency Eye Care

Emergency Eye Care

Emergency Eye Care

Emergency Eye Care

Maka PiaPia? Red, watery or itchy eyes?

Come see Dr. Love for all your red eye emergencies and concerns. With same day appointments Dr. Love can treat all your red eye emergencies; whether it be due to an eye infection, contact lenses related or allergies we can take care of all your red eye concerns.

Flashes and floaters

While floaters are fairly common, flashes of light and sudden onset of new floaters are not. If you are experiencing new floaters or flashes of light, call our clinic for an emergency evaluation. It is important to get an urgent evaluation for sudden onset flashes and floaters. This could be symptoms of a retinal tear or retinal detachment. If that happens, Dr. Love will help coordinate your emergency with the best retinal specialists on and off island.

Got something stuck in your eye?

Dr. Love has years of experience with removing foreign bodies. If you experience something stuck in your eye (Wood, metal, eyelashes, contacts, sand etc) in your eye - same day appointments are available for all your eye care emergencies.

Remember to wear safety frames while doing construction work, yard work and protecting your eyes from the sun with sunglasses! Our optical has a selection of impact resistant safety frames for prescription and non prescription use. We also have a large selection of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun.

Pain or light sensitivity?

If you wake up and are light sensitive or have pain in your eyes, schedule a same day appointment with Dr. Love.

Lumps and bumps?

If you are experiencing a new bump, swelling or pain on your eyelid - call our clinic for evaluation.

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