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Eyewear & Contact Lenses

Eyewear & Contact Lenses

Eyewear & Contact Lenses

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Dr. Love’s Contact Lens Information and Tips

1. Do not sleep in your contacts
a. Sleeping in contact lenses increases risk for corneal infection, ulceration or bacterial infection

2. Clean hands and clean cases
a. Clean your hands with soap and water before inserting or removing your contact lenses
b. Store your contact lenses in a clean case with fresh solution every day.
c. Never top off old solution or reuse solution from the previous day. Cases should be replaced every 2 months.

3. Replace contacts as prescribed
a. Each type of lens is made to last only as long as it is prescribed.
b. Daily contacts should be thrown away every day
c. Bi-weekly lenses should be replaced on the 1st and the 15th of each month
d. Monthly contact lenses should be replaced on the 1st of the month
e. Stretching your wear schedule will result in uncomfortable lenses, dry eye, giant papillary conjunctivitis and an increased risk for corneal ulceration, infection or permanent blindness.

4. Which is the best contact solution to use with my contacts?
a. Multipurpose: good for soft contact lens use. Used to clean lenses daily

  • Brands: Opti-free, Renu, Biotrue or Acuvue Revitalens

b. Hydrogen peroxide: Used daily, or once a week deep clean. Great for bi-weekly or monthly contacts

  • Brand: Clear Care. **Read directions before use** make sure lenses sit in case for 6 hours minimum

  • Great for contact lens users who are prone to dry eye, irritation or allergies

5. Can I swim in my contacts?
a. The FDA has recommended that contacts should not be exposed to ANY type of water, including tap water, swimming pools, oceans, lakes, hot tubs and showers.
b. Realistically… we live in Hawaii and are in and out of the water many times a week. Whenever I swim in my contacts, I wear goggles, and make sure to clean them once I am home and then wear my glasses for the rest of the evening. It is all about hygiene and keeping the lenses clean from any pathogens or bacteria found in water… many of which are found in pools, hot tubs and the ocean. Consider one-day use lenses for water activities…

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